Family business as many companies in those years, was founded by Joseph Monastery Grimau engaging initially to transport mail and travel from Pont d’Armentera Valls with tartans. Became official on 23 June 1921 when he obtained the authorization of the Civil Government of Tarragona, to establish a public bridge between travel Armentera Valls (round trip).

The journey was not fixed stops at Stes. Do, and Allied Vila-round and were established the following rates:

  • Pont d’Armentera – Valls 2.50 ptes.
  • Stes. Creus – Valls 2 ptes.
  • Vila-rodona – Valls 1.5 ptes.
  • Alió – Valls 0.75 ptes.
  • Stes. Creus – Valls 2 ptes.

The vehicle registration, a trademark autoòmnibus SCAT was T-299, the number of passengers was 20 people that could move the speed was 12 km / h.

Here then began Monasterio family adventure through his children: JM, James, Raymond, Conchita. We extend services to bridge Armentera – Tarragona three days a week and Armentera Bridge – Calafell joining with the line Vendrell – Vilanova.

During these years the company was called and known as the Hispanic PONTORRINA. About the year 1968 the company was acquired Vilanova – Vilafranca godson property of Brothers and later Roquetes Olivella – Vilanova Property Brothers Gibert Igualada and Ribes – Sitges owned by Rupert Raphael.

In these years the company became known as TTS. Monasterio, having a strong influence on public transportation in the region. Eventually there was a merger between TMSA Nicholas and family going to operate under the trade name of MONNIC. About 92 were acquired in line Sitges – Barcelona goddaughter, exploiting the MONBUS company currently serving all the golden coast to Barcelona and the airport.

The company currently has a fleet of over 40 vehicles located in Sant Pere de Ribes employing more than 80 employees.